Pulp Fiction: Patrick Quentin, Quentin Patrick, Jonathan Stagge

Puzzle For Fiends, 1946 in a 1949 US Pocket Book 1st printing with Cover art by Frank McCarthy

This was the 5th Patrick Quentin novel written by duo Hugh Wheeler & Richard Webb, and it's a GREAT
Noir suspense thriller and that got filmed. It features the sleuthing Peter Duluth, just discharged from the US
Navy after the ending of WW2 and returning to his film actress wife Iris. But, she's on an international tour
and Peter will be alone for some months. He's in a car crash and wakes up with a memory loss surrounded by
a couple of warm loving women, his sweet mother, his sister and his wife ... they say.

Most of the novels and short stories from Patrick Quentin, Quentin Patrick and Jonathan Stagge aliases were
written by the 2 US-Brits Hugh Wheeler & Richard Webb under some 30 years between 1931-1965.
They are GREAT ! Not hard-boiled at all in their style, but more pensive and psychological but still, often slightly
noirish, as in the fine novel above. They're forgotten today sadly even though their writing beats the crap out of
most derivative ultra-violent serial killer boring stuff of today. In Sweden they're HUGE and almost everything
they wrote was published here, and then in prestigious editions and not just paperback

The Grindle Nightmare
, 1935
in a 1949 Popular Library edition with Cover art by Rudolph Belarski - What a Great sleeve that is, quite
scary in the ever so popular Damsel in distress Pulp Fiction style.
This was written as early as 1935 and was the 5th book from Richard Webb (written with a Mary L.W. Aswell)

The Follower, 1950

in a US Dell 1953 pocket book with Cover art by George Geygan. Another scary cover

I really would like to collect these old US paperbacks/pocket books but here in Sweden they're hard to
come by nowadays. This book is about a man searching for his wife on a wild chase in Mexico

Fatal Woman/Black Widow, 1952 in a UK 1960 PAN Books pocket book edition


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