Paradox (Sha Po Lang: taam long, 2017)

US Well Go USA Entertainment edition


WOW! I had no idea that this the third part in the SPL series would be this good. Just amazing and i actually think this is the Best in the series.
A super intense and well acted crime drama with some great action and fighting scenes orchestrated by the old Master Sammo Hung.

The film takes place in Bangkok and has a great mix of Chinese, Hong Kong and Thai actors, and the acting were surprisingly great. Louis Koo
as the desperate father, chinese actor Wu Yue was great too and looked agile and fine in the fights, Gordon Lam or Lam Ka Tung excelled yet
again playing an abominable Bad Guy, this time a slick Thai politician and not as in Trivisa (2016) a scary crime boss, Tony Jaa just gets better
and better as an actor and he's the one having the King Fight in the movie, against martial arts expert and MMA fighter Chris Collins (he's
great as Sacha, one of the Bad Guys) and also, there are some fine older Thai actors as Vithaya Pansringarm as Commissioner Chai.

Wu Yue and Louis Koo

Louis Koo is Hong Kong police inspector Lee Chung Chi, a widower and loving but harsh father to his teenage daughter, 16 years old Wing Chi.
When she presents her older boyfriend and happily announces to her father that she's pregnant and that they will marry, he arrests the guy for
committing a sex crime against a minor and forces her to have an abortion. A harsh father.
Depressed Wing Chi travels to Bangkok to visit a friend, but out walking she's abducted and taken away to some yet unknown fate.

Lee goes there to look for his daughter. Inspector Chui Kit (Wu Yue) at the Pattaya Police handles the missing person case, and he allows Lee to
take part in the investigation. Fortunately the Thai policeman talks fluid cantonese (he's a chinese actor so maybe he should talk mandarin, well)
and that's not to farfetched as there are a lot of chinese Thai people.
In a parallell story, yet to cross the path of Lee and Chui Kit's investigation, we see Gordon Lam Ka Tung as a slick political fixer, the behind the
scenes puppeteer, Cheng Hon Shou, and he's delightfully abominable, a monster without a soul. Gordon has become the Master of Bad Guys.

Tony Jaa and Chris Collins

Cheng handles everything behind the re-election of politician Mayor Aziz including getting him a new heart when his old one fails. He contacts
ruthless organ harvesters, with westerner Sacha (Chris Collins) as one of their representatives.

Lee and Chui-Kit checks all CCTV footage they can get hold of and a prostitute gives them a tip which leads to one of the policemen at the Pattaya
Police station, corrupted Ben (Ken Lo, a Cambodian cantonese actor who speaks fluid thai) Wing-Chi's abductor and after some handy torture he
reveals the hiding place of the organ harvesting gang. Will they find Wing-Chi (Hanna Chan) before it's too late ?

The crime drama is dark, compelling and well acted BUT it's the action & fighting scenes that makes this film a winner, and especially then the one
where Wu Yue's Chui Kit and Tony Jaa's Tak raids an apartment building and a lot of great fighting ensues. Chinese actor Wu Yue also handles
martial arts and looks fine in the Sammo Hung fighting scenes, but it's The King Fight between Tony Jaa and the ultra-nasty bad guy Sacha that
really rocks. Sacha is nicely played by Chris Collins, a real MMA fighter and a martial arts expert including wing tsun.

The film was showered with prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Sammo Hung received a Film Award for Best Action Choreography

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a cantonese and thai audio 5.1 with english subtitles.
Extras: 4 short featurettes with english subs - The Story - The Characters - Action Scenes - The Director, approx. 2 minutes each, a Trailer
a Teaser Trailer and Previews for 3 other films (Operation Red Sea, Chasing the Dragon and Kill Zone 2


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