Our Shining Days (Shan guang shao nu, 2017)

Xu Lu and Peng Yuchang

Hong Kong Edko Films DVDedition

This film took me by surprise as i read somewhere that Our Shining Days was made solely for a Chinese audience. But this charming, funny
and lovable romantic music teenage comedy should be popular world-wide. This Feel Good movie made me smile, and the music played on
the ancient Chinese instruments were very cool. The best Chinese film i've seen for many years, which could be due to me only watching a
Chinese movie now and then, not on a regular basis (it's expensive to order films from HK-China and it takes time to get them).
OK, this film was just adorable and seing and listening to these ancient instruments was fascinating.

Chen Jing (Xu Lu) is a sophomore music student at The Zhong Xia Music Academy, and she plays the Yangqin, a string instrument with a
Persian ancestry. Her class-mate is nerdy looking guy Li You (Peng Yuchang) he plays the Chinese Drums and he's in love with Chen Jing,
without her knowing it, as she's in love with the A-student of the Academy the good- looking but snotty pianist Wang Wen.

Chen Jing (Xu Lu) playing her Yangqin

The Music Academy is divided with hostility between the two faculties. The prestige Western Classical music faculty with the Zhong Xia Music
Academy Middle School Orchestra, and the neglected and low-status Traditional Chinese Instruments faculty, and there are regularly riots
with fighting erupting between them. Ha, ha, somehow this feels like it could be a Japanese manga comic (and maybe it is, i don't know).

She's in love with this talented but unlikeable pianist student, but he snubs her in front of all the students, and prefer the bitchy first chair
violinist instead. Snottily he also tell her that he doesn't even know what a Yangqin is.
Jing is humiliated but also pissed-off and as she has some spunk she wants to show them all. She decides to recruiting younger students to
re-animate the since many years defunct Chinese Music Faculty Band. Ha, ha, Meet the First Year students ....

The six man band, from L to R: Jing on Yangqin, You on Chinese Drum, 2 of the cosplay girls playing some sort of Lutes, Chinese lute, the
Ruan and Pipa, Sakura on the Erhu, a two-stringed fiddle, and Lightning Fingers Xiao Mai on the Guzheng, Chinese Zither, ancient instrument.

But, the sophomore, 2nd year students Jing and You are scared of the fresh 1st year students as they're totally in the Cosplay, manga, anime
and computer gaming thing, and even has japanese nicknames. Jing has to somehow convince these ultra-cool Otaku (Japanese Pop Culture)
girls to join her band, and she bribes them by buying them gifts.
The leader of the cosplay girls are blue.haired Xiao Mai (Liu Yong Xi) and she's called Lightning Fingers when playing her Guzheng.
Soon they have their first gig at an anime cosplay gaming convention as - The 2.5 Dimension Ensamble.

Will the audience hate them? Chinese music are so tacky, who plays these instruments today, are they patriotic youth? Or, will they be a
success - does Panda bears crap in the woods, or ?
The music with modern arrangements for these ancient instruments was cool, and this film is highly recommended. Great Fun.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with mandarin audio 5.1 and english subtitles, theatrical trailer and photo gallery


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