Note: I remember seeing this film advertised in the window of a Video rental shop in Larissa, Greece when travelling through to
Athens by car in 1989, but in Greece the film was named Terror at the Opera. Later i bought a rental copy VHS from a store in
Athens and paying much to much for it (in drachma that time). But the VHS was uncut and beautiful. Greece at that point in
cinematic history was a goldmine for horror fans as their VHS releases were uncut (also in France, Holland and, i think, in
Belgium, were the film and VHS releases of horror films uncut then

Text in swedish below:

Min favoritfilm av Dario Argento med kackigt skådespeleri och extraordinär visuell magi. Christina Marsillach spelar o-övertygande den
unga operasångerskan som får hoppa in i titelrollen som Lady MacBeth i Verdi's MacBeth, när olycksfall inträffar. Men hon har en be-
undrar-psykopat som brutalt börjar mörda folk runtom henne. Vem är mördaren? Finns svaret i hennes drömmar eller kan scenrekvisitan
med de intelligenta kråkfåglarna korparna ge svaret? Extremt våldsamt till vacker operamusik och kackig 80-tals hårdrock.

Daria Nicolodi's titt i dörrögat är en absolut horrorklassiker, och hon har sedermera klagat att hennes ex-make Dario åter försökte ta livet
av henne - ett skämt ? genom sprängladdningen som applicerades på henne för kulan genom ögat sekvensen.

anamorfisk widescreen 2.35:1, 6.1 DTS-ES, 5.1, 2.0
Conducting Dario Argento's Opera-intervjuer med Dario Argento, Ronnie Taylor etc. trailers, music video Daemonia, bio

From my Favourite Horror Films Page below:

Yes, i know i was only allowed to pick two films from a director on this my favourite
horror film list, but i make an exception here for Dario Argento's violent Giallo Horror
Opera (it's some sort of an opera-horror of Verdi's MacBeth) which make 3 Argento.
Sure, there are a some bad acting here and there but it's a Visually Stunning horror
almost operatic film about the bad luck hitting the performance of the Verdi opera.
This film were also sadly the last great Dario Argento movie. After this his films
turned not so good, then Bad, and then even worse than bad.

I remember when i watched this film the first time in 1989 on/in an uncut Greek VHS
copy titled "Terror at the Opera". An ex-rental copy i found and payed too much for
in Larissa, Greece. For young people reading this it must be hard to understand how
tricky it was back then to obtain and watch an uncut horror movie.
Sweden had one of the harshest film censors in the world and they energetically cut
to pieces any film with violent scenes in it (they even cut non-violent scenes too if
they were considered fascistic, socialistic Sweden didn't like Charles Bronson or
Dirty Harry movies) and horror films were not considered suitable viewing.

As a horror film fan you had to search after uncut VHS copies in i.a. countries as
Greece, Netherlands, USA, Italy or even in France, (but they used SECAM as their
color system and you had to have a special multi-player TV and Video recorder to
be able to see the film). Also, these uncut VHS copies were wildly sought after and
you had to pay 500 - 600 swedish crowns for any mediocre Jesse Franco trash film
with cannibals, jungle queens, vampires or Lina Romay roaming around in the nude.
If you were lucky you could find old Swedish VHS editions from the time before
the censoring of VHS rules, Video Invest editions or Rental Video Shops copies.
But, suddenly one day the censor system was gone and no-one misses it


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