The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)

US VCA DVD edition, a quality edition of a genre classic


A 1976 genre classic fom the Golden Era of Hardcore movies and by many seen as one of the Top Five best porno movies ever.
Directed by Radley Metzger under the alias Henry Paris. The film contains humour and the one and only Jamie Gillis, and it's a
hardcore version of George Bernhard Shaw's Pygmalion. The cinematography was provided by celebrated cameraman Paul
Glickman, also he using an alias.

Story: The Snob, the rich author Seymour (Gillis) meets the simple fishlady .... no, sorry, the simple hooker Dolores "Misty"
Beethoven (the beautiful Constance Money) in a porn cinema in Paris. With the help of his friend Geraldine (Jaqueline Beudant)
he's about to transform Misty into a distinguished High Society woman, a Jet setter, and trying to win "The Golden Rod Girl"
a prize awarded by a Newspaper tycoon, where Gloria Leonard plays the tycoon's middle-aged wife Barbara.

There a lot of sex, on a plane, in a cinema and in an Opera house and the film was shot in Paris, New York and in Rome.

The film was showered with an assortment of adult film awards, and also this DVD edition got s lot of praise.
this film presented in 4:3 fullscreen ratio with english mono audio, and with a cool audio commentary by legendary actor
Jamie Gillis and with actress Gloria Leonard. Also with a Production Stills Slideshow from the archive of Radley Metzger of
the cast and the original box art, and finally with a 4 minutes commentary about the film from Jim Holliday


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