On Happiness Road (Hsing fu lu sheng, 2017)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. DVD edition

Beautiful and serene Taiwanese ANIMATED movie about an american-taiwanese woman, Lin Shu-Chi (with voice by the great Gwen
Lun Mei
, the famous chinese actress and muse of director Diao Yinan in amazing movies as the 2014 "Black Coal, Thin Ice" and the
2019 "The Wild Goose Lake") who goes home to her Taipei, Taiwan, to attend the funeral of her beloved granny.
She dreams about her granny and her youth in Taipei, her first day in school and how her family moved to a house in Hapiness Road
and the film jumps in time between then and now. Arriving in Taipei she sees how her childhood city has changed, "The American
Daughter is Home" and she meets not just her lovable parents but also her relatives, her uncles and aunties, her cousins and other.

Chi's grandmother belonged to the indigenous aboriginal people in Taiwan, she chewed betel nuts and dabbled with Magic and she
spoke in the taiwanese dialect Min nan. Also Chi's father doesn't speak any mandarin and Chi remembers how she befriended the
blonde Betty in school and how they were not allowed to talk any taiwanese local dialect, but only mandarin.
The Shu-Chi of today narrates (Gwen Lun Mei) and remembers her adolescence in Taipei, the political happenings and the choices
she made and how her cousin Wen got her a job in New York where she met her husband Anthony and with whom she had a child.
Chi was born the same day as Chiang Kai-shek died, the 5th of April 1975 which make Chi about 40 years old in the film.

Chi's return visit to her home town with all her memories, her relatives and her roots has deeply shook her and she's unsure if she
wants to return to New York with her new family, Anthony and her daughter Julia. What is Happiness ?
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a mandarin audio with some english and Min nan with english subtitles
region 3, no extras


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