No One Heard the Scream (Nadie oyo gritar, 1973)

US Severin Blu-ray edition - Region all

This is a somewhat arty Spanish Giallo, a drama thriller from De La Iglesia and on the fringe of being an actual giallo. The Blu-ray sleeve says
it could be a Spanish Proto-Brian De Palma thriller. I liked it but found some of Miguel's dialogue to be a bit too pretentious for my taste, and
it was interesting that both of the two leads were quite unlikeable and strangely stiff acting. But the ending Twist was cool.

Lisa (Carmen Sevilla) is a rich woman who lives in a Madrid high-rise building under construction, and only two apartments have tenants or
owners that lives there, and these are Lisa's apartment and her neighbours, a married couple.
Lisa hears some noice and looks out through her door-eye and she sees her neighbour Miguel (Vicente Parra) dispose of his wife's body by
dumping it down in the elevator shaft.

Miguel knows she knows and he says he wants to explain his act and when she refuses to listen he breaks into her apartment. Instead of
killing her he makes her his accomplice, and she has to help him remove the corpse from the elevator shaft. But where to dump it ?
Miguel talks and talks, maybe an academic psycho, and he tells her that he's a writer, an unsuccessful one and that he married his wife Nuria
for her money. Vicente Parra who plays Miguel also starred in De La Iglesia's infamous "La semana del asesino" the same year 1973.
Antonio Casas can be seen as the doorman of the building.

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with spanish audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 with english subtitles, region all.
Extra "Eloy De La Iglesia and the Spanish Giallo" Interview with Film Scholar Dr. Andy Willis (24 minutes in english)


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