Non aver paura della zia Marta (The Broken Mirror / El Espejo roto, 1988)

Spanish DVD edition

Aaaah, ha, ha, Andrea and Mario Bianchi! Andrea and Mario for sure had an almost uncanny knack for turning out some very, very BAD films.
But if Andrea was a B director bordering to the C vein, then Mario for sure was a C director bordering to the Z.
I always thought Andrea and Mario were brothers but they were NOT. Andrea Bianchi (1925-2013) made Trash movies for sure but some of them
were very entertaining and even good as the sleazy 1975 giallo Strip Nude for your Killer or the 1981 horror classic Burial Ground.

Mario made probably the worst Eurocrime Poliziottesco ever with 1978 Provincia Violenta, or not, as i found it adorable in it's
incompetence (read more about this clunker on my Giallo and Eurocrime Page 1).

Mario Bianchi (born 1939) still lives acc. to IMDB, and if Andrea was a Euro Trash grade B director then Mario was a grade C director of countless
of Euro trash movies. He mostly made Porn in the 1980's and for 3 decades on but he have also made spaghetti's, sex comedies, Eurocrime and
horror and often with Gabriele Tinti or Marina Hedman in them, the latter a Swedish mostly-in-porn actress (born 1944) and she took part in "great"
films as i.a. Joe D'Amato's 1976 Emanuelle in America and 1979 Imagino di un Convento.

This is a Slasher Horror, a Giallo that is as this were made in Italy, and besides this i have only seen one other of his films, i think ... , and that was
the atrocious 1982 sleaze horror La Bimba di Satana (the sequel to Andrea Bianchi's 1979 Malabimba, both with the legendary MariAngela Giordano
in them and also Marina Hedman was in La Bimba di Satana). So, i had pretty low expectations when watching this his 1988 late giallo.


1979 - Mario and Andrea, Andrea and Mario, it's easy to assume that they were related somehow

And, it has a slow build-up as nothing much happens for the first 50 minutes or so, until the big-boobed daughter Georgia (Jessica Moore or Luciana
Ottaviani) gets stabbed to death when taking a bath (they never learn, if a female actress, never take a bath or a shower in a horror movie).

Richard (Gabriele Tinti), wife Nora (Adriana Russo), teenage daughter Giorgia (Jessica Moore) and her kid brother Maurice are travelling by car out
into the countryside. They're about to visit Richard's aunt Marta who allegedly has returned from a long stay in South America.
But, on arrival, they are met by the caretaker Thomas (Maurice Poli) who tells them that aunt Marta has been delayed and will arrive the next day.
The family is free however to move into the house and to stay the night. They can go wherever they want ... except down the cellar.
The next day the killings start and even though this film is bad, the gore is OK .... and Hey! Lucio Fulci produced it, so naturally so.

The film is presented in a 1.1:37 fullscreen ratio with an english audio DD 2.0 (or italian audio with spanish subs) region free. No extras


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