Nightmare Alley (1947)

US 20th Century Fox DVD edition

Text below written 2018-12-10

A very fine and surprisingly dark film to be a Tyrone Power movie, and this was good-looking leading man Power's big
project to somewhat change his image from romantic hero to hobo. His plan to shock the audiences of the 1940's.

The carnival worker Eric Stanton (Power) is the lover and assistant to the elder mindreader Zeena (Joan Blondell). Eric is
slimy and ambitious and somehow manages to lure her to tell him her secrets of doing her act, the secret code.
So, this charming guy dumps her and goes off with the young cutie Molly (Colleen Gray), away to the big city, where
he starts doing his act as a Nightclub magician and becomes the darling of the socialites.

Will there be a Feel Good ending for the Bad Guy? No, forget about that, this is Film Noir. Feel Bad is a coming, and Tyrone
wanted it to be so BAD that the film company had to censor it (if i remember correctly ... it was some 15 years since i
watched this movie, but nowadays every fact about a movie can be read at IMDB or Wikipedia and such pages)

The film was presented in 4:3 original fullscreen, black & white, english audio 2.0 and with an audio commentary track
with Alain Silver and James Ursini, a trailer and a infosheet, english subtitles


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