Ne Zha (Nezha zhi motong jiangshi / Birth of the Demon Child Nezha, 2019)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. Blu-ray edition - Region A

A Chinese Animated Monster Hit about the demon child Nezha. The 2nd highest grossing non-english film of all time, and maybe
the highest grossing would be "The Eight Hundred" then ? And, it's NOT only for kids but for the whole family and I enjoyed it
very much. No costs have been spared and this film looks amazing with beautiful animation and I found it fascinating to learn a
little about the old Chinese myths and the most ancient of the Gods.
It's a Fantasy Action Adventure made in 3D computer animation with a, at first, somewhat complicated plot based on myths totally
unknown for me as a western viewer, but it goes something like this:

A Chaos Pearl cause problems for ancient gods and when two immortals, Tai Yi Zhensen and Shen Gong Bao, are sent to deal with
it and fails, the Supreme Master has to handle it and contains the Chaos Pearl in a pot. The Master then divides and refines it into
a Spirit Pearl and a Demon Pearl. The immortal drunkard and buffoon Tai Yi is then ordered to bring the Spirit pearl to Earth and use
it for the birth of child through a human couple, commander Li Jing and his wife.
But, somehow the evil immortal, Shen Gong Bao, instead brings the Demon Pearl and the Demon Child Ne Zha is born. Shen Gong
then brings the Spirit Pearl down to the bottom of the Sea where the chained Dragon King uses it for the birth of Ao Bing.

Ne Zha is a very unruly and mischievious child and he loves to frighten and harass the villagers, and even to beat them up.
He's a Demon child after all and his father Commander Li Jing and his mother Lady Jing looks to that he's kept within the
palace. But sometimes the smart kid manages to escape and the villagers flees in panic.
The bored kid is a big bully using his godly powers to harass the poor villagers and Tai Yi takes upon him to discipline the
boy and to learn him some tricks that Gods can do. One day Ne Zha meets Ao Bing and they become friends, without knowing
that they will be enemies in the future when the Dragon King and his dragons plan to surface from the depths of the sea.

A sequel "Legend of Deification" has been made (and I haven't seen it).
This Blu-ray disc presents the film in widescreen with a putonghua mandarin Dolby True HD 5.1 audio and with english
subtitles, two trailers as only extra, Hong Kong REGION A edition


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