The New King of Comedy (2019)

Hong Kong Edko Films DVD edition

Text below written 2019-11-23

Yes! Stephen Chow is back. Once, and maybe still, the funniest Chinese man alive. Maybe he's not that hysterically funny today as he
was during the 1990's with tons of gags coming at you in high speed, but he's more mature as a director making his own films, and sure,
there are still funny gags in his movies. There are still at least one moment in every film of his when you laugh as hard as it hurts.

This film seems to be a new version of his 1990's film (i guess, i haven't seen the original film) and it's a great feel good comedy with lots
of warmth and with the, for most people, unknown mainland chinese actress Vin E Jingwen in the lead role of aspiring actress Dreamy.
Wikipedia says she's from Harbin, the chinese city of ice at the northeast border and i really liked her a lot. God Bless her and the great
Stephen Chow and i really hope we will get to see her in future Chow movies. Hopefully there will be more re-makes of his old comedies

Dreamy (E Jingwen) dreams of being an actress, and this to her family's underwhelming support. They hate it and are very disappointed
with their daughter and her father even has a tantrum and throw her out of his house. She has struggled as an extra for many years and she
hopes that her big break will finally happen, somehow. After some botched plastic operations resulting in gorilla nostrils and a frightening
chin modelled after the wicked witch of the west
from The Wizard of Oz, she gets the part of the double to the evil witch in the trashy New
Year movie production of "Snow White: Bloodbath in China Town" with annoying film diva Mr. Marco (Wang Baoqiang, who else?) in the
role as Snow White. Hong Kong New Year movies, a sort of flimsy feel good comedies. His assistant was funny in a small role.

Vin E Jingwen's Dreamy is very positive and although reaching 30 she still believes that her chance will come. She's a female Stephen Chow
character and she's very likeable. But poor Dreamy, everyone's mean to her, except another extra (who's secretely a millionaire and who loves
her). Wang Baoqiang's Mr. Marco is a has-been star and now plays Snow White who has eaten a poisoned banana and turned into a man.
He sucks and the film director wants to get rid of him which leads to the films funniest scene with the Ring gag. Ha, ha, i loved this film.

The DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen with a cantonese (or mandarin) audio DD 5.1 and with english subtitles, trailer extra


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