Naked Girl Murdered in the Park (Ragazza tutta nuda assassinata nel parco, 1972)

US Full Moon Features 2020 Blu-ray edition with a very poor english audio track

Please Note: The english audio track on this disc is messed up and it sounds like people are talking at the bottom of a water tank !
The film company later fixed this and discs with bad audio could be replaced with new copies - but i was to lazy to do this.

The film starts at the end of WW2 with a Nazi murdering up a woman and her little son.
After the intro we're in Madrid 1972 and at an amusement park an old man, Johann, is shot in the head and killed. The same day as the
murder this man has bought a life insurance worth 1 million dollar. The insurance company sends his best man, Chris (Robert Hoffman)
to investigate the insurance claim with the help of his colleague (played by Philippe Leroy).
Chris seduces Johann Wallenbergers 20 year old daughter Catherine (Pilar Velazquez) who receives strange phone calls where a voice
says he knows who murdered her father.

Under the guise of being a journalist he visits Catherine's family, her bitchy sister Barbara (Patricia Adiutori) and her mother Marta
(Irina Demick) who lives in a big mansion with servants and horses .... and the grumpy mute stable boy Günther played by Howard Ross
in a weird small role (Renato Rossini AKA Howard Ross played in countless of westerns, gialli and horrors during the Golden era of
Mediterranean filmmaking and he's just 80 years old, so please make an interview with this man before it's too late) and ....
just why did he kill the maid ?

Chris has sex with both sisters, the mother is crazy from sorrow after her husband, there's a secret room, a J&B whiskey bottle is spotted,
there's an old man walking around with a cane, red herrings are thrown around and a naked girl is found murdered in the park.
Yes, a bit trashy and not a very good movie BUT this is an obscure giallo from the Golden era and it was very entertaining.
Note that some short scenes are inserted with italian audio and without subtitles and the audio with the supposedly good soundtrack
by Carlo Savina sounds like SHIT.

Bluray in 2.35:1 widescreen ratio and with a DD 2.0 english crap audio, region all. Extras only trailers for some other trash movies


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