My Missing Valentine (Xiao shi de qing ren jie, 2020)

Hong Kong Edko Films Ltd. DVD edition


A Taiwanese fantasy romcom that won a whole bunch of prizes at the 2020 57th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei. It won 5 awards:
Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Visual effects and Best Editing. Also Liu Kuan-Ting was nominated for best actor
and Patty Lee nominated for singing the best original film song with the delightfully indie-poppy "Lost and Found".
I don't know, the film was pretty good and entertaining enough but not like that, really ?

The film starts with a woman making a police report that her whole yesterday was lost, the Valentine day. And she's right as most
people lost this day, but not all as some has earned time to have this day, as the nerdy loner Wu Kui Tai (Liu Kuan-Ting).
But the woman from the intro, Yang Hsiao-Chi (Patty Pei-Yu Lee) she wakes mysteriously sunburned and finds out that one day is
gone, her Valentine day. Hsiao-Chi works at a post office and at 30 she's disappointed with her romance free life.

Weird Wu is an old schoolmate that has been in love with her for most of his life and he often visits her postoffice to buy a stamp
for his loveletters to her, but she don't remember him. Instead she falls for a handsome swindler (Duncan Chou).
But, one day, when the world stops and people freeze up the creepy Wu sees his chance when finding her frozen on a bus. He drives
the bus to the beach and carries her like a doll for a stalker day at the beach (if this was a japanese porno movie a "Time Stop" perv
would probably do something unappropriate for sure. I wonder if the director and screenwriter has watched JAV movies ?).

Yes, i know that this beach picnic is supposed to be sweet and romantic, but i found it completely creepy, what a weird guy.
The visual effects with people being frozen looked great and i wonder if they used a lot of CGI or not, i'm not sure.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with DD 5.1 mandarin audio and with english subtitles.
Extras: Theatrical trailer, making of featurettes, photo gallery and a music video of the fine indie pop sounding "Lost and Found"
sung by the lead actress Patty Lee


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