US DVD - Text below in Swedish:

Snyggt fotad och något trashig giallo-slasher där dansöser mördas inför uttagning till musical uppsättning i NY.
I remember buying this on a VHS cassette when travelling through Europe in a car in the summer of 1989, and
i bought it in Wienna, Austria of all places. But i think Austria cut their films just like Sweden did in those censor
days, so some needle murders were shortened.
I bought a lot of horror films on VHS that summer, and mostly Greek one's as they're uncut, a rarity in Europe
at the end of the 1980's, but France and Holland didn't cut their horror movies either

Anamorfisk widescreen 1.85:1, trailer, kommentarspår av Giuseppe Pinori och journalisten Federico Caddeo
Disc 2: Tempus Fugit - An inside look at director Lucio Fulci (R: Daniel Gouyette) med Argento, Ray Lovelock,
Luigi Cozzi m fl.
Portrait of filmfotografen Giuseppe Pinori, Portrait of Ray Lovelock, Lovelock om Murder Rock, galleri

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