Murderer (Saat yan faan, 2009)

Hong Kong Edko Films DVD

Ha! Ha! Ha!
For a couple of days i sounded like this after seing this FUN film, walking around and laughing to myself
and getting strange looks from people. But i guess most viewers of this film instead will get pissed off as this GREAT film
obviously has been almost universally panned by furious film critics and other poor loosers without any humour at all.
This is the funniest film i've seen for many years and the ending is absolutely ..... i can't find the words ..... mind-boggling,
unhinged or maybe Psychotronic, like a distant cousin to the South Korean masterpiece Save the Green Planet.

In this never seen crime thriller - does the trailer promise and for once that's not hyperbole. I've never seen a plot twist
like that before - but i did later see something of the same in US horror Orphan made the same year (i don't know which
film was the first though, a coincidence maybe just like Dredd and The Raid sharing the same basis and made the same year).
I think there's only 2 options as a viewer of Murderer, either you get angry and promptly uses the DVD disc as a frisbee,
or you laugh like crazy like i did.
When i first wrote this text after seeing the film many years ago i was absolutely sure that the producers of Murderer sat on
a Goldmine and that we would see sequels and foreign re-makes from all over the world. Was i right ?
I also thought Roy Chow was a fresh new talent to Hong Kong film and i was eagerly looking forward to his new projects
and wondered if we should have sky high hopes and wait for a new Johnnie To, or have to do with a just new Danny Pang ?

So, what happened? Well, as most people hated the film there were NO sequels or franchise foreign re-makes. Regarding
Roy Chow there's still hope as he's not too old. In 2012 his second feature film was Nightfall and that was just OK sadly.
In 2014 he directed his third film Rise of the Legend with Sammo Hung and Eddie Peng which was a martial arts crime
film about Wong Fei Hung, and i haven't seen this film yet but it sounds OK also. So maybe no more weird stuff again.

Warning for a chock start when a man falls from building and hurt himself, badly. The man is a crime squad cop and someone
has drilled a lot of holes in his body. On the 7th floor his colleague inspector Ling (Aaron Kwok) is found unconscious but
otherwise unhurt. The police are investigating 2 murder cases where the victims has been drilled and emptied on their blood
and now the question is: Has Ling seen the Murderer ?
The problem though is that Ling has lost his memory and everything in the investigation seems to lead to the conclusion that
He, himself is the Murderer. He re-joins the crime squad but his colleagues suspects him and he gets more and more nervous
and is on the brink of a psychic meltdown. Does he has a reason to be paranoid? The Answer is YES, definitely.
Aaron Kwok is GREAT in the role as a hysterical cop in this psychological crime-thriller borderline horror black comedy.
His colleague Ghost is played by Eddie Cheung Siu-Fai, his wife Hazel by Ning Chang and the sister Minnie by Josie Ho.
Yup, the Josie Ho that one year later acted in and produced the probably most violent film ever made in Hong Kong, Pang
Ho Sheung's slasher horror Dream Home (more about this film higher up on this page).

anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 or DTS cantonese with english subs. Extras: a Trailer, Making Of with english subs (25 min),
cast filmographies and a picture gallery

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