Ms. 45 (Angel of Vengeance, 1981)

Spanish Blu-ray edition

This film is a Abel Ferrara - Zoë Tamerlis indie horror thriller masterpiece
and due to my limits of handling the english
language and writing abilities in general i will surely be somewhat tautological in my praise of this film, and i will perhaps
use every synonym for Great that i know of.

R.I.P. Zoë Tamerlis Lund 1962-1999

I once had this film on a VHS some 30 years ago and remember it as being one of my favourite films, and when re-watching it
in November 2020 i found it to be just as powerful as back then. This early on in Ferrara's career he had a gritty indie style
and cinematographer James Lemmo gave it a nice raw look. But, and this is something that Abel Ferrara generously admits
in the featurette interview (a sympathetic man), this film is all about Zoë Tamerlis in a solo bravura piece.
The visual imagery of her as a female revenger dressed in black is unforgettable and surely iconic of some sorts. Young Zoë
was only 17-18 years old when making this film and she's MESMERIZING. The ending Halloween disco dancing set piece
scene shot in slow mo is hypnotic to watch and surely belongs to The Horror Hall of Fame scenes.

Spanish bluray

Ms. 45 / Angel of Vengeance is a lot of things. It is a gritty low budget psychological drama, an art horror masterpiece,
a political film, a female revenge thriller but also a piece of Manhattan, New York and the crazies living there.
Zoë plays mute young woman Thana who's a seamstress at a fashion house. She and her co-workers are constantly
harassed by disgusting apemen in the street, yelling sexual remarks at them on their way home from work .... or worse.
One day she's attacked and dragged into an alley and raped, and as she's mute she can't scream for help. Her day gets
even worse though, as if she wasn't traumatized already she's attacked by a burgler when getting home, and he tries to
rape her too. But this time she manages to kill her assailant by hitting him with an ironer. She drags his body to her
bathtub and starts to dismember him with a kitchen knife putting the parts in plastic bags and stuffing it into her fridge.

Thana is badly traumatized and decides to take no shit from any man now on, and i wouldn't like to be the next man to
annoy her that's for sure. Dressed in black and armed with a 45 automatic she starts to walk around at night looking
for prey as an angel of death. But her mind is broken and things get nasty.
In the featurette interview with Abel Ferrara he tells us the very unusual and tragic story of Zoë Tamerlis.
The bluray presents the film in 1.85:1 widescreen and with an english audio 2.0 DTS-HD with english subtirle, region all
As extras a trailer and a featurette interview with Abel Ferrara (8 minutes, 2014)


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