Motivational Growth (2013)

US Parade Deck Films DVD

Ian in a conversation with The Mold

Text below written 2016-02-02

Is this a indie comedy-drama or a comedy-horror, or is it something else ? Motivational Growth was hard to define,
but great fun to watch. Some sort of minimalistic weirdo drama as the whole film takes place in the apartment of
depressed and desperate Ian Folliver (Adrian DiGiovanni). Ian has given up. For some reason he has not left his
apartment for 16 months. He's totally bummed up and hasn't shaved or taken a bath for many, many months.
His only interest is watching his TV, an old antique set from the 1960's and he orders food to be delivered at the
door so he doesn't have to leave his apartment. His small apartment look like a dump and probably smell like i

Ian's cosy place

Ian tells us that his fishes has died and then his plants as he didn't water them. They plotted something bad
against him. So, Ian is not just depressed and dirty, he's also paranoiac. But, after all Ian seems to be pretty
contented with his hermit unhealthy lifestyle it seems, well, at least he's not Dead yet - it could've been worse.
This until Kent dies.
His beloved old TV dies with a little Poof! and now Ian's life really goes steeply downwards, Road to Ruin.
Ian tries to commit suicide with chlorine gas but fails. When he wakes up the heap of mold in the corner in his
bathroom talks to him. The Mold (voice: Jeffrey Combs) tells Ian he has a plan for him and he better listen


Initially The Mold seems to influence Ian in a good way, as he shaves and clean himself. He calls a TV
repair-man and he even talks to his cute neighbour. But .... The Mold may be Evil.

This is the reason why i love US indie film, it's free and unhinged with inspired ideas. Motivational Growth
was truly Surreal and both Funny and delightfully Depressing at the same time. A Comedy-Horror-Drama
that played like some fusion of Eraserhead and The Little Shop of Horrors. GREAT STUFF.
It also had a really cool early computer 80's synth soundtrack and Puppeteers named in the credits.
Yes! A film that has some Puppeteers in it always rocks
Format: Don't know but probably some sort of widescreen (?) Extra: Commentary track by Adrian
DiGiovanni, Jeffrey Coombs and director and editor Don Thacker, Trailer/Teaser, Photo Gallery

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