Morirai a mezzanotte (Midnight Killer, 1986)

Italian Cine Kult DVD edition (without english subtitles)

Barbara Scoppa assaulted by her boyfriend

Yes, i wanted to see this late 1986 Bava entry to the gialli genre and then an italian DVD with no subtitles had to do.
As usual with Lamberto Bava the direction and the acting felt a little flat. As Bava, Jr. he has worked with the greats of the genre, as his
father and with Dario Argento so he has learnt some of the tricks of the trade. He's smooth and the film looks great, almost as The Best
Of Gialli with scenes borrowed from earlier (and better) gialli as i.e. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.
And as a craftsman he's almost always entertaining and also so this time but in a B-ish way, when a knife wielding killer is on the loose.

Policeman Nicola (Leonardo Treviglio) sees his girlfriend Sara (Barbara Scoppa) with another man and they have a nasty scene at home
where he tries to drown her (pic above) and she stabs him with an icepick. He leaves her house bleeding and is observed by a neighbour
and then, naturally, Sara has a shower and is stabbed to death with the icepick by an unknown assailant.
Nicola is the main suspect and the police chase is on. The investigation is led by inspector Piero (Paolo Maco) and with the help from
criminologist Anna Berardi (Valeria D'Obici).

Piero and Anna

But, more murders follow when a nurse from a forensic medicine institute is killed. There's a nice subjective camera scene when she's chased
through an empty theatre and there are many nods to the gialli films of Argento and .... in a certain scene with Nicola and a woman, a blatant
rip-off from The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Lamberto clumsily gives away who the murderer is, much too early in the film. What the F... !
Didn't Bava think we had seen the Argento gialli masterpiece or what ?

There are other connections to Argento, with the daughter of the inspector, Carol, played by Lara Wendel, the unlucky girl from Tenebre,
and with one of the victims named Gioia he maybe was inspired to name his next giallo
Le Foto di Gioia (Delirium/Photo of Gioia, 1987).
Anna sees the killer and the police is baffled when the perp seems to be the deceased serial killer Franco Tribbo, how is that possible ?

This italian DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with an italian 2.0 DD audio WITHOUT english subtitles. No extras


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