Mon Mon Mon monsters (2017)

Hong Kong Edko Films DVD edition

Text below written 2018-08-27

Popular Chinese (Taiwanese) novelist and filmmaker Giddens Ko has directed, written and produced this great teenage high-school
horror-drama and sometimes comedy Mon Mon Mon Monsters. He has also written the weird horror-mystery The Tenants Downstairs
and clearly is a talent to watch in the future. Yes, it's a fact that Taiwan is making a lot of fun interesting films.

I'm very hard to please nowadays and mostly feels bored when watching new asian film, mainland China makes some fine drama films for
sure and sometimes a great crime drama, but more often China makes stupid CGI fantasy adventures and neo-wuxia films. Too much popcorn
at the moment, and Hong Kong has really declined lately with anxious filmmakers trying to please the mainland China censors.
So, maybe Taiwan is making the coolest films at the moment? I'm not sure, but maybe, it's just a feeling i have. When receiving a bunch of
films from Hong Kong i often feel more satisfied with the Taiwanese ones (with the exception of The Tag-Along) than the HK or Chinese ones.
OK, this could change and hopefully China will soon be through with the flood of stupid and CGI infested neo-wuxia and fantasy drivel.


The film: Poor high-school student Lin Shu-Wei (Deng Yu-Kai) is badly bullied at school by some tough students, the evil gang of 4 (see pic
above at top with Lin in the middle). However, Lin (not that likeable himself) becomes a member of the gang led by the delightfully annoying
Ren-Hao (Kent Tsai) and when out harassing and robbing elderly people for fun they surprise 2 female monsters feeding on a human victim.
Somehow they manage to trap the young monster and they start poking and torturing it (maybe inspired by the 2008 american indie Deadgirl?
even though admittedly they don't have sex with it/her).

Big Sis

But their small monster prisoner (Lin Pei-Hsin) has a big sister monster (Eugenie Liu) and she's looking for her young sibling, and she's
major pissed off. Aaaaah, yes, finally these evil obnoxious schoolkids are in for their long awaited comeuppance, it's massacre time.

This film won the audience award at the 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film festival, and i liked it a lot. It felt fresh with a fine
mix of comedy, horror, drama and the apocalypse and it's highschool setting made it feel a bit Japanese, in a good way naturally.
Now i've seen 2 films with Giddens Ko involved, Mon Mon Mon Monsters and The Tenants Downstairs and i had a really good time
watching them, so i'm looking forward to his future projects and he's only 40 years old and should be at the peak of his powers.

And, i just noted that this DVD is a HK Cat. III release ... well, maybe due to the amounts of gore, but that felt a bit excessive as there's
nothing that gross in it (as e.g. in The Sleep Curse with it's cannibalism and penis chopping). HK film industry is really anxious to obey
the strict mainland censors, or could it be due to the author Giddens Ko being censored in mainland because of his political views?
On the soundtrack My Way by legendary Chara and The Yentown Band can be heard (first heard in the Shunji Iwaii masterpiece
Swallow Tail Butterfly; read more about singer & actress Chara on my japanese film page 3).

DVD presented in anamorphic widescreen and a DD 5.1 mandarin audio with english subtitles, 2 trailers and a gallery, region 3

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