Mickey On the Road (Mi zou Guang Zhou, 2020)

Taiwanese Deltamac 2021 DVD edition

A fine Taiwanese roadmovie art drama about slightly boyish Mickey (Yeh Pao-Wen) who takes care of her alcoholic mother
(Miao Ke-Li) and who dreams of one day being a Temple performer (even though only males are allowed to).
Mickey's best friend is the popular by the boys Gin Gin (Chang Ya Lin) and she works as a Go-Go dancer at a nightclub.
When Gin Gin's boyfriend Jay leaves for a job at a Media House in Guangzhou, China, and when also Mickey's father lives
there, they decide to go there together. Gin Gin looking for her ex-boyfriend as she is pregnant with his child, and Mickey
looking for her father (Wen Chi-Sing) to bring him home to Taipei
to look after her mom.

The girls have ambiguous ethics and rob slot machines to get the money for their trip and also put peoples mailboxes on
fire for fun, mailboxes connected to a house with possible risk for arson, so they aren't overly likeable, and that's great as they
feel more true that way and not too sugary as in a mainstream buddy movie.

The girls arrive to the huge Mega city of Guangzhou and wide eyed they gape over the Chinese city wonder. They immediately
lose their luggage (stolen), meet friendly cantonese people (the girls speak taiwanese mandarin and possibly also taiwanese
Min nan and they have a hard time understanding each other), are chased out of a hotel and meets a rich philosphical business
man (Time Liu) who helps them with housing, food and clothes and shows them the sights of the city.
Will Gin Gin find her boyfriend and will Mickey find her father ?

This was the feature film directing debut by Lu Mian-Mian and i sort of liked it. Yeh PaoWen is something of an introvert
in the role as Mickey and there's something mysterious and fascinating about her, and i liked the sort of a happy ending.
Apparently people on Internet doesn't like the film, it's unusual and arty and not at all sugary so that may explain it I guess.
But, also the people they meet in Guangzhou feel kind of sketchy and anonymous and not that interesting.
But after watching it the film has grown on me, and the slightly sour looking and enigmatic Mickey, I would like to give her
a big hug .... please be happier. The last scene with her and her mother was gripping. Chang Ya-Lin was fine as Gin Gin too.
Taiwan has a tradition of making fine artmovies and I think Lu Mian-Mian may have a bright future, and Yeh Pao Wen too.

The film is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 ratio with mandarin audio DD 5.1 and with english subtitles, region 3.
Extras without subtitles: Conversation abpout Mickey on the Road, Making Of/Behind the Scenes, Trailer


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