Pulp Fiction: William P. McGivern

Shield for Murder, 1951 his 4th novel in a 1952 Pocket Book 1st edition with Cover art by George Mayers

A Great Pulp Fiction Noir about the evil, brutal and totally corrupted cop Barny Nolan

McGivern (1918 or 1922 - 1982) a fine pulp fiction crime writer who wrote over a 30 novels, a lot of
screenplays including TV series Kojak 1973-1977. Many of his novels were filmed and the most famous
of them must be Fritz Lang's über great film noir classic The Big Heat (1953) based on his 7th novel

One of the greatest Film Noirs ever made

But also Rogue Cop (1954) his 9th novel was filmed in a great Film Noir

with a great and hot Janet Leigh, what a fine actress

and in 1959 his 13th novel from 1957, Odds Against Tomorrow was filmed by the great Robert Wise

The 2nd printing Cardinal Pocket Book edition from 1959

Great film and Great novel. In the film Robert Ryan explodes in a unforgettable performance as a racist bankrobber
What a fine actor he was, but the book ends completely different and turns into melodrama when the hatred
between the 2 robbers turns into buddy friendship

The 6th novel from 1952

Most of McGivern's novels were published by Dodd, Mead.
This pocket book edition from 1988 and another great Pulp Fiction Noir


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