Marta (After that, it Kills and Devours the Male, 1971)

US DVD edition

Yes, another great but very obscure and forgotten Spanish-Italian 1970's film that, when writing this, had to be found on a scrappy alt. market
DVD release to be seen at all (about Youtube i don't know, i seldom watch films there). Marta, a fine mystery thriller and a Spanish Gothic Giallo
drama something, and yes, with that certain Iberian atmosphere to it which i absolutely love. Stephen Boyd and in a dual role Marisa Mell, acts well,
but both of these actors died too soon, northern irish Boyd at 46 in 1977 and beloved austrian B-movie actress Mell at 53 in 1992.

So, the film was great BUT the picture quality on this DVD release was rotten with a blurry pic looking like coming from a second generation VHS
transfer, with a cropped fullscreen screen ratio and in a cleansed from Marisa Mell glorious nudity version (that could be the Spanish version?).

The Hitchcockian psychological thriller no-one has seen ? Boyd and Mell as the Lovers

Don Miguel (Stephen Boyd) lives alone at his castle in a Spanish village, the building surrounded by huge properties. Alone, well, with his German
shepherd guard dogs and his elderly caretaker couple, Elena (Isa Miranda) and Artur (George Rigaud). He's mentally unstable and has an issue with
women, especially with his dead but still domineering mother, and his wife Pilar (Marisa Mell) dumped him for a virile lover, a real man.

One day, a woman is running over Miguel's grounds chased by his dogs. She's Marta (Marisa Mell) and she has killed a man trying to assault her.
Miguel hides her in his big mansion (or even castle) and they become lovers. His wife Pilar (Mell) left him 2 years earlier and he is plagued by the
memories of her and his nasty mother Dona Clara. Marta snoops around a lot and seems to be searching for something, what's her scheme ?
Italian actor Howard Ross, or Renato Rossini, plays Luis, one of the policemen investigating the case of the, by Marta, murdered man

This DVD had an ugly 4:3 fullscreen cropped picture with an english audio mono


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