The Man with icy Eyes (L' uomo dagli occhi di Ghiaccio, 1971)

Another example of cool gialli sleeve art

US DVD edition

Crime-thriller that takes place in New Mexico, USA and with a persistent journalist racing against time to save a condemned man from
being executed in the gas chamber for a crime he hasn't committed. I had no idea that a US state bordering to Mexico could have that
much snow, in some scenes there are 30-40 cm of snow, and yes, Albuquerque is situated at a very high altitude, so it's true.

Eduardo "Eddy" Mills (Antonio Sabato) works as an investigate reporter at The Albuquerque Sentinel, and with George (Victor Buono)
as his editor and buddy. A young man, Valdez, has been sentenced to death for the murder, together with an unknown accomplice, of
a senator and millionaire. The decisive eyewitness account is given by stripper Anne (Barbara Bouchet) who claims that she saw Valdez
standing outside of the senator's house and in the company of the unknown perp, The Man with the icy Eyes.

But, a new source tells Eddy that he, at the time of the murder, saw Anne at another place, in another part of the town.
Could that be true and why did she lie ? A weird astrologer tells Eddy that his life hangs on a thin thread and that he will die even before
Valdez is executed, at midnight. Has Anne given a false testimony, will Eddy save Valdez in time and who's the man with icy eyes ?
Questions, questions, but the answer to them wasn't that exciting to be honest, and even though genre icon Bouchet do show her tits
briefly, sadly very briefly, this murder mystery belongs to the Bottom of the Barrell section of gialli

This greymarket DVD presents the film in widescreen and with an english mono audio, and the picture quality is good


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