ManHunt (2017)

Hong Kong Panorama DVD edition


This overblown mess of an action film and crime-thriller was pretty enjoyable due to it's bloody violence and overall trashiness.
Supposed to be the Great Big return of John Woo to the crime action genre this is a re-make of a 1976 japanese crime-thriller and
it takes place in Japan where a middle-aged chinese lawyer suddenly is chased by everyone, professional killers and the police.
It's a bloody and violent mess seemingly filled with every film cliché Woo has ever used in his many films. Stupid, loud and trashy.

This John Woo film is based on the novel "Kimiyo funnu no kawa wo watare" by Juko Nishimura and the japanese film made on it ,
and besides mandarin also japanese and some broken english are spoken in the film.

The chinese about 40 years old corporate lawyer Du Qiu (Zhang Hanyu) attends the 65th anniversary of Tenjin Pharmaceuticals
in Osaka, Japan. He has won many lawsuits for the company and the old president Sakai (Jun Kunimura) wants him to stay, but Du
Qui wants to quit and start over in the US. But, he knows too many company secrets to be allowed to leave, so ....

Yamura and Duqui

the next morning he finds a dead woman in his bed. A trap has been set, and soon he's on the run chased by a corrupt japanese cop,
by the good guy cop Satoshi Yamura (Masaharu Fukuyama) and by 2 female professional killers, Rain (Ha Jin Woon) and Dawn
(Angeles Woo) the latter one of them played by John Woo's daughter (and i may be a pervert but i found her strangely attractive).

Will the good supercop Yamura befriend the fugitive? Will they, and never before seen in film history surely (irony), become buddies?
Will the middle-aged corporate lawer Duqui suddenly turn into a super fit á la elite soldier action machine? No, no, could never happen

DVD presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 mandarin audio with some japanese and english spoken too,
and with english subtitles. Extras: 13 minutes of Behind the scenes featurettes without subs and some trailers


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