Los Mil Ojos del Asesino (The Killer with a Thousand Eyes/ Quel ficcanaso dell' inspettore Lawrence, 1973)

Wow! Great cover and Great title

US DVD edition

A Spanish - Italian Poliziotti or Poliziottesco or Poliziesco ... ? Well, Eurocrime anyway that takes place in beautiful Lisbon/Lisboa, Portugal
and that was very entertaining to watch. Anthony Steffen was good in the role as persistent Interpol cop - Inspector Michael Lawrence.
He is sent to Lisbon to fetch the body of a murdered fellow agent and handle the transport back home. But, he receives a tip and decides to
stay and investigate the case himself with some help from the French agent Duvalier (Julian Dugarte) and without the knowledge of the
Portuguese police. But his phone is bugged and a Giallo killer dressed in black follows him. Lisbon, a centre of drug trafficking

Anthony Steffen

Maria Kosty

Inspector Lawrence is constantly followed, attacked and shot at and even with tips and leads in the investigation someone always
seems to be one step ahead, which forces the drug cop to fight for his life. Could the wealthy philanthropist Brazilian Mr. Costa
(Eduardo Fajardo) somehow be involved ? Nooo, that can't be, a slick millionaire a Bad Guy in a film, never happened ....
Maria Kosty, another beautiful blond-red-haired actress in Spanish 1970's films (Erika Blanc, Helga Liné, Rosalba Neri, Gillian Hills
and Britt Nichols, and probably some more)

Even though the story was a bit thin the film was snappy and entertaining with constant assaults on our hero cop, with fighting and
chases through the nice Lisbon surroundings. So, recommended viewing for the genre fans. It also had another cool soundtrack from
Marcello Giombini using some odd instruments. I first heard him in La Muerte llama a las 10 (Le Calde labbra del carnefice/The Killer
wore gloves). The nobleman Antonio Luiz de Teffe or Anthony Steffen was likeable and good in the role too.

The picture looked like a VHS transfer but was OK and had english stereo audio, screen ratio unknown (widescreen stated on cover)


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