L'occhio Nel Labirinto (Eye in the Labyrinth, 1972)

US DVD edition

Yes, a pretty slow but quite good giallo of the psychological thriller kind that i've seen released on a blu-ray by US Code Red in 2017, BUT
i haven't been able to find this due to the problems of finding this company's releases somewhere and at a reasonable price. Nowadays their
releases seems to be in limited form and hard to find as they're sold out quickly. This is very annoying, that only a few of the many, many
genre lovers out there will be able to actually buy these elusive limited releases. Thank God for companies like the UK Arrow Video with
releases that are easily accessible for all. In fact, i don't reckon these quickly out of print releases of Gialli films to have been released at all.

So, once again, if you don't want to wait for an uncertain amount of time for e.g. an Arrow release, you have to resort to the "Alternative
Market" releases of a DVD or watch a blurry Youtube upload of the film. For me, as i like to hold a disc in my hand and look at the artwork
and read the backside text, this DVD was the solution, AND .... this time the picture quality was ABOMINABLE and the audio was not
synched properly. A crap release, so if you can somehow get hold of the Code Red edition, please do.

The Film:

This film has a really cool intro opening scene. A bleeding man, Lucas (Horst Frank), is hunted in some sort of modernistic looking building
by an unseen assailant and he's stabbed to death to a loud avantgardistic jazz score by Roberto Nicolosi.
But, this may only be a dream, a nightmare, as Julie (Rosemary Dexter) in the next scene wakes up. She wonders where her boyfriend, Lucas
are, and after some sleuthing at his clinic (he's a doctor) she finds a clue - Maracudi. A small town at the sea, and she goes there.

She meets the seemingly jovial middle-aged signore Frank (Adolfe Celi) who points out a big seaside villa owned by a Gerda (Alida Valli)
as a possible place Dr. Lucas could've visited when coming to Maracudi. A place with a strange gathering of people loafing around, sun-
bathing, swimming, painting etc. as guests to their socialite hostess Gerda Hauptmann, maybe a rich lonely woman?
Julia joins the guests in search for any clue about what happened to Lucas - in The Mystery of the Missing Doctor.
There will be killings, many closeups of suspicious looking faces and red herrings in this psychological thriller giallo, and we get to see
Rosemary Dexter, the beautiful Pakistani born italian actress, topless, a young Sybill Danning as a photographer and not topless for some
unknown reason (as she had already at this time started her career in German sex movies). Adolfe Celi is good too and the great Alida Valli
is always interesting to watch in any role.

An OK giallo with a fine actress and with a cool jazzy score, but in a CRAP edition


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