The Living Corpse (Zinda Laash, 1967)

US Mondo Macabro DVD edition

US DVD edition in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio and with Urdu 2.0 stereo audio and with english subtitles, Black & White

Supposedly the First actual horror movie ever made in Lollywood, i.e. the film industry in Lahore, Pakistan, and based on
the novel written by Bram Stoker.

The Story: Professor Tabani (Rehan) has created a elixir of life, but unfortunately it doesn't work that well as he dies when
drinking it and he wakes up as an undead, a Vampire. Immediately our sweet professor bites his female assistant (played
by Nasreen Sheela) and Voilá the epidemi is spreading. The curious Dr. Aqil (Asad) is visiting the professor vampire's
castle and he's attacked and bitten by the Vampiress after a scene of dancing to cool 1960's Pakistanian Pop music.
The Van Helsing of the film is Aqil's brother (Habib) who finds the vampires in their coffins. Now Aqil's cute fiancée
Shabnam (Deeba) and her family are in danger from the Vampires of Pakistan.

There are 3 (three) song and/or dance numbers by Shabnam and her friends and two more.

Super Extras:
The Documentary "Dracula in Pakistan" with interviews with the director Sarfaraz, actors Rehan and Habib (it was
nice to see them, old but still alive)

2. A very informative Audio Commentary with pakistanian Omar Ali Khan and Peter Tombs

3. Documentary about South-East horror films, the 1980's Bollywood horror wave, about Pakistani film (Lollywood
and Punjabi) and about Southern Indian mythological film

4. Trailer and Picture Gallery

Thanks Mondo Macabro for releasing this outstanding DVD and for the respect you showed all people involved with
this film and project