This could be my favourite film of Mario Bava ut it's extremely hard to pick a favourite film of his as he
has made so many visually fascinating films, and with so great colors. Lisa and the Devil is a Poetic
and beautiful dreamlike Drama Horror , like an old fairytale or medieval song of The Devil coming to
get you. Lisa is a tourist to Toledo, Spain who suddenly finds her separated from the rest of the group
and she seems to somehow have lost the grip of time and space, and turning up finally outside of a
big villa and in a myth about the Devil catching his dead.

The film is a visual piece of art and with actors and actresses as Telly Savalas, Sylva Koscina, Alida
Valli and Elke Sommer and it's criminally underrated and was at first butchered and -re-shot by the
producers and even re-made as a rip-off of The Exorcist by asshole Alfredo Leone.
According to Phil Hardy the Spanish film critics who saw the original thought it to be a hauntingly
beautiful poem about decay and death from the master of Funereal Lyricism


Min Mario Bava favorit och då är det ju förstås inte lätt att välja bland Maestro's många visuellt lysande verk i genren.
Lisa and the Devil är ett poetiskt horror-drama-mästerverk, vackert drömlik om turisten Lisas möte med djävulen i
form av Telly Savalas i spanska Toledo. Hon irrar iväg från sin turistgrupp för att hamna utanför tid och rum i en stor
villa och i en lokal myt om djävulen som hämtar sina döda. Oerhört suggestiv och kriminellt underskattad art-horror
som dessvärre tokfloppade och i panik gjordes om till en hiskeligt usel Exorcist ripoff av producenten Alfredo Leone.


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