The Leakers (2018)

Hong Kong Panorama 2018 DVD edition

A only so-so international virus crime thriller taking place in Malaysia and Hong Kong and with cantonese and some mandarin, english and
malay being spoken. Not very exciting really but with a decent car chase scene in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Evil Big Pharma vs. a Wikileak type of secret organization.
Somewhere in Malaysia anonymous men in protection suits releases a swarm of mosquitoes, all carriers of a new infectious disease. Soon
people start to die in some sort of Zika virus and only the big pharma company Amanah Drugs, led by Kent Cheng's Mr. Teo Jit Sin, can
provide an experimental medicine against the VR 23 virus, the MD5.

When a Malaysian TV journalist, covering the matter, dies the police inspector Lee Weng Kan (Julian Cheung) starts investigating if there's
any foul play involved, and soon Hong Kong cop Wong Dai Wai (Francis Ng) is involved in the case too, when he's ordered to find Mr. Teo's
youngest son who has gone missing in Hong Kong.
Kent Cheng, always nice to see him and who can forget his role as Fatty Cheung in the Billy Tang 1993 category III nastie "Run and Kill"
where he meets the evil psychotic Simon Yam (a review in swedish about this infamous goodie on my Asian Horror page).

This DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a cantonese audio 5.1 (and some mandarin, english, malay spoken too) with english
subtitles. A teaser and Trailer as extra. Region 3


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