The Langoliers (1995)

Nordic Paramount DVD edition

Text written 2020-08-11


Yes, you can laugh all that you want but this weird little oddity of a film is my favourite Stephen King adaption.
A 1995 TV miniseries and 3 hour long in total it for sure has a lot of boring scenes and plenty of bad acting, BUT when it's good
it's great. This is WEIRD even to be Stephen King and most important it's very suggestive and fantastic, about what happens
to old time, to what was before, and what the toothy Langoliers does to it ... and can do to you..

The most important role figure in this film is without a doubt Bronson Pinchot's Mr. Craig Toomey as he knows about The Langoliers
and provides the horror from their threat. A clever sci-fi horror with a lot of dull moments with bad actors but also with great
and suspenseful moments when the plane passengers, lost in a time warp, start to understand what may have happened to them
and what the langoliers actually could be. Poor Mr. Toomey was right.

Branson Pinchot as Mr. Craig Toomey

A passenger Jet plane on it's way to Boston suddenly is all alone in the sky and the sleeping 8 passengers or so wake up and find
the other passengers and the pilots and crew to be gone. Luckily David Morse's role figure is a pilot too and he flies the plane but
can't contact anyone on the ground, as there's none. They are all alone up in the sky and maybe also in the whole world.
What has happened ? They land in Bangor, Maine on a completely deserted airport. There are no sounds, winds or any smell either
and there's a strange swishing sounds far away and getting closer. Only Mr. Toomey knows ....

There are alot of dull and badly acted interactions between the passengers, and some of the actors are worse and some better. The
blind Girl was atrocious and Patricia Wettig was bad too, but Branson Pinchot and Dean Stockwell were great, and David Morse OK.
Dean Stockwell's mumbo jumbo explanations of the happenings worked fine and Pinchot rendered intensity to the proceedings.

Original TV 4:3 ratio and with english stereo audio and with english subtitles, no extras, region 2

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