La Muerte llama a las 10 (The Killer wore Gloves/Le Calde labbra del carnefice, 1974)

US DVD edition

A Spanish Italian B giallo with gorgeous Gillian Hills in the major role, nudity, killings en masse and with a surprisingly cool soundtrack from
a Marcello Giombini. B giallo maybe, but still very entertaining and i call it B because all of the more famous and much talked about gialli films
have alredy been released since many years now. Argento, Bava, Fulci, Lenzi, Lado, Martino, Ercoli and Dallamano and their classics in the
genre has all been released in quality editions. So, what to do if you want to see more gialli as there must be hundreds of them you still haven't
seen and you can't find them on regular DVD or Blu-ray releases ? Slowly, slowly companies release also second grade gialli and sometimes in
very costly and strictly limited editions that are hard to get and seen only by a few. Very annoying.

Most of these more obscure gialli films seem to be in the Public Domain and many can be seen on Youtube in varying picture quality.
BUT, i'm an old geezer and much prefer to see a film ON A DISC, a DVD or a Blu-ray and not by streaming video (yes, i have Netflix like almost
everyone else in the known world). I'm an old collector of records and films and i also had a netshop selling films, so i love the feeling of holding
a record or a film in your hand, too look at the sleeve or cover with it's text and artwork. In the choice between looking at a blurry giallo on my
computer or watching it on a alternative market DVD, i much prefer the DVD. I may be in the minority here i know.
Some of these aternative market DVD with rare gialli have fine picture quality, some look like a VHS transfer, some look like they are taken from an
old TV broadcast. Hopefully some day every giallo ever made will be released on DVD or Blu-ray in decent picture quality

Gillian Hills

The Film:

Londoner Peggy Foster (Gillian Hills) thinks she has seen her boyfriend Michel in a car in London, and this when he's supposed to be in South
Vietnam covering the Vietnam war. He's a journalist and stationed in Saigon since 4 months and she haven't heard from him in a long time.
Michael's journalist friend Jackie (Silvia Solar) tell her not to worry, it must've been somebody else, but strange things starts to happen.
Peggy is short of money and (with Michel away) as she has a big 2 storey apartment she rents out the upper floor to a John Kirk Lawford.
She's shot at and her tenant is found dead on the sidewalk outside of her building. Then another John Kirk Lawford (Angel del Pozo) turn up ?

WTF? Peggy is bewildered and starts to .... guess what, hey, this is a giallo .... yes, she starts to sleuth around herself, why is Michael hiding,
who shot at her and what about the 2 John Kirk Lawford ? The mystery thickens and the giallo killer uses a sickle slashing people up.
Shirley (Orchidea de Santis, the lesser known but sexy italian genre actress) ex-girlfriend of Michael, may know something but as she appears
nude she has to die according to the unwritten laws of Gialli, and she meets a murderer with a sickle.

Above: Bruno Corazzari

There's a nice twist ending and i thought this film to be a very enjoyable genre effort, and with a really cool soundtrack

Ha, ha, i love Spanish gialli taking place in England as there always are these very un-british looking actors and extras supposed to be, in this case,
Londoners, e.g. the caretaker Anthony (Goyo Lebrero) or the nosy cat-loving neighbour Mr. Lewis (Carlos Otero, great performance).
Also, there's a hilarious car chase out of London into a small village and out on the countryside where we obviously are in a Spanish village and
the greenery looks decidely un-british, besides driving in right-side traffic with Spanish signs, ha, ha). The film was mostly filmed in Catalonia.

The film has OK picture and an english audio, widescreen ratio (if original widescreen ratio i don't know)

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