La Morte bussa due volta (Death Knocks Twice, The Blonde Connection, 1969)

Italian Cecchi Gori Home Video DVD edition


An obscure giallo-murder mystery and possible crime action or thriller, that was pretty entertaining if not very good really. Strictly B
but with Adolfo Celi giving it some gravitas with his bad guy performance, and Werner Peters were always an entertaining actor.
I wanted to see this because of Anita Ekberg but she only had a small role as the wife of Celi, and i watched this film on an italian
DVD with italian audio and without any english subtitles (but with italian subs).

The for me unknown Dean Reed plays the hero detective and looks and acts like a B version of Roger Moore, yes, sounds annoying
doesn't it ? Piero Umiliani composed the cool pleasant ST and Anna Arrazini sang the theme song.

Above: Helen Chanel as Angela

Above: The great Adolfo Celi as Max Spiegler

Fabio Testi plays the rich artist Francesco Villaverde who like to paint blonde beautiful women to then having sex with them and
finally to strangle them, and the film starts with him doing that to a signora Simmons (Femi Benussi in a very small role).
The story takes place at the vacation seaside resort "Hotel Sole e Mare", an establishment owned by Charly (Werner Peters) and
run with the help of handy-man Riccardo (Mario Brega) and Locatelli (Riccardo Garrone) and i.a. barmaid Angela (Helen Chanel).

I watched this film in italian without any english subtitles, and i may've missed some major plot elements, but Werner Peter's Charly
don't seem to happy about the murder being committed at his resort, and Mr. Simmons (Renato Baldini) hires Bob Martin (Dean
Reed) to investigate the case of his wife's murder and to retrieve the valuable jewel necklace that was taken from her body.
The obvious suspect would be Francesco Villaverde (Testi) married to the cheated Maria (Nadia Tiller).

Above: Anita Ekberg as Signora Sophia Ferretti

Charly seems to have some bad problems with a debt to Mr. Max Spiegler (Adolfo Celi) and his woman Sophia Ferretti (Ekberg)
and these two may be connected with the italian mob (as i said, i can't understand italian). But, even if this couple are bad guys
they could be in danger too as Sophia Ferretti is a blonde (and horny) woman.

Francesco Villaverde likes blonde women and the 1st victim was blonde, but also investigator Bob's girlfriend Ellen (Ini Assman)
and Sophia Ferretti are blondes and being blonde is not a good thing at this vacation resort.
Is Francesco the killer ? Probably not as this is Euro Golden era murder mystery. Fritz is Charly's hero German Shepherd dog.

The Italian DVD presents the film in Fullscreen (slightly cropped from 1.66:1 or not, the case sleeve says 16:9 - 4:3 (?) with an
italian audio DD 2.0 WITHOUT english subtitles (only with italian subs). Extras: Cine Kult Trailers (10 really cool and sleazy)
i.a. Il Plenilunio delle vergini and Eva Nera and an Interview with Sergio Garrone in italian with no subs (26 minutes)


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