Lady Street Fighter (Woman in Anger, 1981)

German Cargo Records DVD edition

Renee Harmon .... Renate Harmon acted in and produced this .... this .... i'm speechless, sorry, this insanely bad crime action about a
middle-aged, or elderly really, ass kicking badass German housewife with a Teutonic accent so heavy it's hard to understand her.
The director of this 1981 Shot on Video abomination, James Bryan is mostly famous for his horror atrocity "Don't Go in the Woods"
and German-American actress, producer and script writer Renate Harmon wrote and acted in a bunch of James Bryan movies.
They are a duo made in heaven, a director and an actress both creating C movies bordering to the Z grade level, and ha, ha, ha, the
German DVD sleeve blurbs - "Der Action-Trash-Triumph der '80er Jahre! von Kult-Regisseur James Bryan".

Psychotronic Films made by Psychotronic talent

Renee or Renate Harmon (1927-2006) was almost 55 years old when she produced and acted in Woman in Anger A.K.A. Lady Street
Fighter. She plays a martial arts kicking and gun-toting elderly lady crime action hero, and that's just ... great. She's atrocious, but
that's OK as so is this film, and everyone else "appearing" in it (no, calling it acting wouldn't be thruthful) and she's quite likeable if
not adorable even. Hey! Why shouldn't a grand momma be able to play a gun-toting action women if she feels like it ?

Yes, 1981 Lady Street Fighter (Woman in Anger) started a glorious series of heavenly collaborations between Bryan and Harmon,
the Unlikely Dynamic Duo of Trash Movies. Harmon wrote and acted in 5 more epic classics of his - The Executioner Part II and Hell
Riders in 1984, Run, Coyote Run in 1987, Revenge of Lady Street Fighter (The Return of Lady Street Fighter) in 1990 and finally the
1990-2016 Jungle Trap, and the two latter one's were initially shot in the early 1980's and 1990's.

The Über Great Story:

A girl, Billie, is tortured and killed by some bad guys and her sister, Linda Allen (Renee Harmon) arrives to LA to exact revenge.
Linda are in a car chase, a shoot-out and does some very bad fighting, and stripper Liz Renay can be seen doing some SAD
striptease (she also was 55 years old at the time and i guess the audience wasn't too thrilled). Sleaze and bad action.
Linda also eats Celery all the time .... Celery, and i guess it's supposed to be sexy, or funny ? Weird.

The German DVD presents the film in widescreen 1.78:1 and with english audio DD 2.0, no extras, region 2


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