La Donna del Lago (The Possessed / The Lady of the Lake, 1965)

UK Arrow Films 2018 Blu-ray edition with turnable sleeve and booklet

Early giallo and a crime-mystery based on the real famous Italian Alleghe killings case. An arty and atmospherically shot film in black & white
and directed by Luigi "The FifthcCord" and "Footprints on the Moon" Bazzoni, the latter one of my all time gialli favourites (with the great
Florinda Bolkan in one of her best roles). Film Noir meets Giallo, and maybe a bit of style over substance, with fine actress Valentina Cortese
in one of the main roles. A young Giannetto De Rossi did some make-up effects and Franco Rossellini co-directed the film.

A famous and successful but depressed writer, Bernard (Peter Baldwin), goes for a vacation to a village at an alpine lake. A place he has visited
before, and he checks in at the same hotel, the same room at the end of the corridor as last year. Why has he come ? To relax and write on his
new book or to meet the beautiful blonde hotel maid, Tilde (Virna Lisi) he met last time ? Probably the latter, but where's she ?
The answer to that is, she's dead. Tilde has committed suicide, by poison ... and a slit throat. There's a mystery surrounding her death and, as
in most gialli, our protagonist, Bernard, has to sleuth around and find the answer to why she died.

Turnable Blu-ray sleeve

The Players in this crime-mystery are: The Hunchbacked photographer of the village/town, Francesco, the hotel manager, Mr. Enrico (Salvo
Randone, his daughter Irma (Valentina Cortese), his son Mario, the violent village butcher and his unhappy wife Adriana (Pia Lindström, the
daughter of Ingrid Bergman) and Tilde's father, the hobo who lives in a shed.

This Blu-ray is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 black & white with either an italian audio with english subtitles or an english audio.
Extras are an audio commentary by Tim Lucas, a booklet with texts and pictures, a video appreciation by Richard Dyer (25 minutes, in english),
Lipstick Marks . an interview with make-up and special effects expert Giannetto De Rossi (11 minutes in italian with english subs, 2018), Youth
Memories - an interview with art director Dante Ferretti (16 minutes in italian with english subs, 2018), The Legacy of the Bazzoni Brothers -
an interview with actor/director and friend Francesco Barilli (30 minutes in italian with english subs, 2018), Italian and English trailers

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