Hong Kong DVD with Thai audio and english subtitles

With The greatest Special effect Ever .... ?

A Trashy low budget Fantasy Horror made in Cambodia (?) with the usual black magic stuff and
the film should only be a hardly passable time killer, if not .... IF NOT, the film had some of the
coolest special effects i've ever seen (just look at the sleeve) and this Medusa snakehead effect
were not made by any CGI. So, how could this ultra-cool special effect be made when everything
else about the film sucked ?

The legend says that the filmmakers glued living snakes to the head of the only 17 year old
actress Pich Chanboramey. Wow! The special effects makers of Hollwood should ponder what
they could make if they were scrapped of effects millions and just went innovatively bonkers
like this Khmer guys. Some budget restrictions should make them better i guess.

This DVD is a Hong Kong release of a Cambodian film i think, but i'm not sure ? They speak
Thai in the film but this may be a dubbed audio and Khmer may be the original audio

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