Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation DVD edition, region 3

This is the second Thai movie i've seen about the ancient legend, the Krasue demon. When attacked by the demon the
female victim will have head loosening from her body and then her head will fly through the night in search for blood,
from animals or humans. In this film a monk will tell us also about the male Krasue, the "Krahang".

The first film about the Krasue i saw was the 2002 Krasue (Dtam Naan Gra-sue/Tumnan Grasu/Demonic Beuty) see
pic below of the ancient VCD version (what a beautuful cover). Today viewers may not know about the VCD format?

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019): This film has an intro with 4 kids, 4 friends, Noi, Sai, Ting and Jerd, who are playing in
the forest at night. They get to an old house and an old legend says that a spirit dwells there. Instead of getting the hell
out of there they suddenly decide to play some Hide and Seek instead .... in the middle of the night and in the proximity
of a scary looking ghost house .... OK, as unlogical as the behaviour of american teenagers in an 1980's slasher movie.

Inside the empty house there's only a big box with a lid slightly off and with a shining light coming from it, and the head
of the Krasue floats out of it. End of Intro.

Today, that is during WW2 maybe?, teenage girl Sai (Phantira Pipityakom) works at a village doctor's clinic and there
are rumours among the villagers that a Krasue is roaming around in the area at night, a farmer has had his animals eaten.
Her childhood friend Jerd (Sapol Assawamunkong) is in love with her, but when Noi (Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang) returns
to the village it's obvious who's the one that Sai loves. It's Noi, and he loves her too and both protects her secret.

But, along with Noi arrives a team of Krasue hunters and their charismatic leader Tat (Surasakvongthai) soon suspects
Sai and as he really is a Krahang himself he got tremendous evil powers.
I enjoyed the movie, far from being great it was OK and with well made CGI. As Sai is our main protagonist the Krasue
is not scary but instead we worry about her well being. The Krahang creature looked cool.
The film is presented in widescreen with Thai audio DD 5.1 and with english subtitles, only a Trailer as extra


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