Childish and stupid but quite charming and fun horror-comedy from El Trash Maestro Jesús "Jess" Franco
with music from the great Killer Barbies. The band's engaged to play in a carnival in Malaga, and when
the GORGEOUS Silvia Superstar sings "Wake Up" she accidently do wake up the sleeping Count
Dracula (played by Bela B. from German Group Die Ärzte). Soon there's plenty of dying and the vampire
wants Silvia's tasty neck. The group also perform "Candy", "Feeling Alone", "Mil Disparos" and "Soy

widescreen letterbox 1.66:1, 5.1 english, trailer, behind the scenes (28 min, Peter Söderström),
music video to Candy, a stills slideshow with pics and posters from Jess Franco's more than 40 year
long cinematic career (the pic to the right's from Freakshow picture gallery and show the legend at work)

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