Killer Barbys (1996)

UK Screenbound Pictures 2017 DVD edition in dubbed english only audio version

Text below written 2020-06-15

My first contact with The Killer Barbies was watching cult director Jesús Franco's Horror - Comedy and promotion sort of Rock Video for the band, his 1996
Killer Barbys. Jess had to title the film "Killer Barbys" instead of Killer Barbies beacause of the US Barbie corporation legal threat.

Yes, this is trash for sure and many Jess Franco fans find this to be one of his worst, but i beg to differ. They mustn't have seen his other films then made in
the 1990's and later to say something like that as this actually is one of his better films made around this time. Why? Because of genre cult actors as Aldo
Sambrell and Mariangela Giordano but in my case mostly due to the charisma of the beautiful Silvia Superstar and the great music by her group Killer Barbies,
energetic and joyful punk garage rock. Nice and talented songwriter and musician duo of Billy King and Silvia Superstar and their Galician Vigo band was
promoted here by the legendary Spanish filmdirector Jesús "Jess" Franco. After watching this film i started to buy their records and also made this my web
page to celebrate them some 17 years ago (in 2003 or so). And, they're still around finally making a new record in 2020 after 15 years of silence.

US 2001 Shriek Show DVD edition

The old US DVD, if i remember correctly, had both the original Spanish audio and the dubbed english audio as options.
It also had some extras as the great music videos of They Came From Mars and the 1964 Petula Clark classic Downtown plus a really nice interview
with the couple Silvia and Billy, they are such nice people, very likeable.
Unfortunately this British DVD edition from Screenbound has Nada extras.

After the films intro we get to see The Killer Barbies perform their song Love Killer at a club (from their debut 1994 single) and Aldo Sambrell's Arkan
is watching them.Then the DJ plays their I Wanna Live in Tromaville (also from their debut single).
The band is on tour and they loose their way when driving their van at night, and the above 2 songs are played repeatedly. They seek shelter for the
night at an old castle and beautiful Flavia (Silvia Superstar), Mario (Charlie S. Chaplin) and Rafa (Carlos Subterfuge) are invited to stay the night.
Subterfuge? That's the name of a Spanish indie record label, maybe this Carlos were a producer or something there?
Billy King (playing himself) however prefers to stay in the Van and having sex with Sharon (Angie Barea) at the back of the Van, to the tune of Comic
(another great Killer Barbies song) and having sex in a horror film is not good if you want to stay alive all through the movie.

Silvia in the Bath - This pic from Freakshow's picture gallery

The castle belongs to Countess Olga Luchan Fleedermaus an ex-movie star and a vampire that needs her lover or servant Arkan (Aldo Sambrell) to
provide her with flesh human blood for her to re-animate from a skeleton to her horny herself older woman of flesh and blood. The Countess Vampire
is played by Italian horror film legend Mariangela Giordano, born in 1937 and almost in her 60's here but looking fine doing nude scenes. Impressive.
She will be fondly remembered for her 2 famous scenes in the Horror Film Hall of Shame with her scenes in Burial Ground with Peter Bark as her zombie
child, and that vagina scene from Patrick, Still Lives. She was making Sword and Sandal films already back in the 1950's.

Will Silvia's Flavia survive the Night? Billy ? Rafa will not though as the countess seduces and kills him. Roaming around are also the halfwit Baltasar
(Santiago Segura, from i.a. The Day of the Beast) and his annoying murderous dwarfs.
The Countess supposedly have been an once famous filmstar and she shows her guests a photograph of herself, but it clearly is a photo of the gorgeous
Gene Tierney from Joseph von Sternberg's 1941 The Shanghai Gesture (Tierney, the Film Noir goddess from Leave Her to Heaven and Laura).
The film was shot in the Valencia area and at the end the band performs the great Comic Book.

This DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 and with a dubbed audio DD mono, region 2 and no extras