A VERY Good compilation album from the good ol' times time when the group was somewhat big in Germany, and almost made it really Big.
In a better and more ideal world The Killer Barbies should have had A Big Break-Through worldwide......but, that was not to be. Not even the
approval stamp from Joey Ramone did the trick. Maybe the KB's attitudes are to pure and non-commercial to float on the surface of the sea of
crap out there. Actually, i guess they're not big even in their home country Spain? I'm sure there are boring pretentious groups that sells tons of
records there too, as anywhere else. A highly recommended album anyway!

1. Lost Control 2. Lovekiller 3. Freakshow 4. Crazy 5. Mars 6. Going Down 7. The Family is Chainsaw 8. Comic Books
9. Rage 10. Hurt Me 11. I Can Hide 12. Baby With Two Heads 13. No Waves

(The 2 pictures at the left are from the Freakshow DVD picture gallery)

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