Khosa Ka Ghosla ! (2006)

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Vinay Pathak, Parvin Dabas and Tara Sharma planning The Heist

Text below written 2016-03-19

A Super HIT once and a very enjoyable heist revenge comedy and social satire about ruthless property grifters,
estate agents and, as always in Bollywood film, corrupt police. Ever so ready to cheat the common man out of
his hard earned money. This time the story takes place in Delhi where Mr. Kamal Kishore Khosla (played by
veteran actor Anupam Kher) has a dream, a dream where he can provide the land for the New Family house.
He's married to Sudha (Kiran Juneja) and has got 3 children: Oldest son and computer engineer Cherry (Parvin
Dabas), younger son Bunty (Ranvir Shorey) and daughter Nikki (Rupam Bajwa).
A Big family and the plan is that he will provide the land and his sons will build the house.

Mr. Khosla pays all his savings 30 lakhs (i think ? 3 million rupees, about 45 000 USD) to the very untrustable
looking estate agent Mr. Vijyender Kumar at World Famous Properties, situated in a small hut on an empty lot
outside of the city. Khosla is overjoyed with his proudly bought plot, where a new house will be built and the
family will live all together and happy. But, Cherry (really Chiraunji Lal) has other plans. He's promoted for a
job in NY and he's got a girlfriend in the theatre actress Meghna (Tara Sharma) and don't want stay with his
family, but how will Mr. Khosla react to these plans of his ?

Looking for his newly bought plot. From left to right: Parvin Dabas/Cherry, Anupam Kher/mr. Khosla and Ranver
Shorey/Bunty. Ranver Shorey, a fine actor who a decade later scared me out of my wits with his Brother role in Titli

The Amazing Boman Irani

When they're looking for their plot of land in the wastelands outside of Delhi (see pic above) they soon find out
that someone already has occupied and usurped it. That someone is Mr. Kishan Khurana (played perfectly by one
of my Big Favourites among the Bollywood actors, The One and Only Boman Irani. I Love him. Boman Rocks.
This slimy crook wants 15 lakhs to release the plot to the Khosla family.
Cherry can't leave for USA now and with his girlfriend Meghna they start planning to Heist the Heister. Well, she
works in a theatre company after all, so they work out an elaborate plan with a lot of players to swindle back
Mr. Khosla's land and money. They make property crazy Mr. Khurana an offer he can't resist.

anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, hindi 5.1 or 2.0 audio with english subtitles, songs with subs, some trailers

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