Jewel Shepard

Kitchen Sink Press 1996

Text below written 2017-10-14

Aaaah, the Lovely Jewel Shepard ...
one of the legendary scream queens of the 1980's and also a talented writer.
I guess i must've seen her in films like the pretty funny horror-comedy The Return of the Living Dead or in the
high-school comedy Zapped, but i first took notion about her when i found her homepage in the 1990's where
she wrote in a smart and funny way about her career in B-movies. Then i bought and read her books, the 1992
"Invasion of the B girls" where she interviewed scream queens from then and now, including Haji, Linnea
Quigley and Monique Gabrielle, and the Super Great 1996 - "If i'm so Famous, How Come Nobody's Ever Heard
of me ?
" where she writes in a slightly ironic but very funny way about her career in the entertainment business.

Divine Jewel

A model, exotic dancer, B-movie queen and ... a writer, and a very good one too. Her book is a fascinating tale
about her life and her career in the Entertainment business working in strip joints and in B movies, and she tells
her story with great style and much humour. A very enjoyable reading with some dark streaks underneath as she
probably got tired of always having to show off her famous tits .... or as Joe Bob Briggs says at the back:

"A B-movie queen who can actually write - Jewel Shepard is obviously a danger to modern civilization. Her sultry
beauty and breathy voice have always broken the hearts of a million guys, and now we find out she has a switchblade
wit, too?. be still, my aching libido." Or, John H. Richardson, Premiere magazine:

"Jewel Shepard is the B's knees. She tells a moving tale about a woman who's lived a lifestyle that's not usually written
about, or if it is, is usually written from a man's perspective. Jewel's courageous, sweet and a good writer. I was touched"

Today, Jewel fights cancer and she's still a beauty. Her book deserves to be printed in new editions


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