US DVD edition in anamorphic widescreen with japanese audio and with english subtitles

A highly stylized and Dante-esque vision of Hell (Jigoku) and a fairytale morality from the unique Pre-Miike loose cannon filmmaker
Teruo Ishii. Splatter and art. Ishii shows us a depiction of the Shinrikyo Sect (with their Sarin gas attack in the subway), and also
a vision of the different torments in Hell shown in splatter detail, in a 1998 re-make of the Japanese horror classic Jigoku.

Riika is contacted by Enma, the ruler of the netherworld, and she's offered the chance to visit Hell even though she's still alive. This
to be able to amend her ways of living, and after being escorted over the river Styx she's looks into the Karma Mirror.

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