It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (No es nada, mamá, solo un juego / Beyond Erotica, 1974)

US Mondo Macabro Blu-ray edition - region all

A bizarre political sado-machochistic sex psycho-drama ... or something like that and with David Hemmings in his most disgusting role
ever, he's absolutely reprehensible as the mentally ill and sexually perverted Venezuelan Plantation landowner Juan.
Due to his incompetence and mental illness he has run his father's once respected plantation to the ground. Instead of running or taking
care of the business he likes to play sexual power games with the local beauties.
Juan's uncle Don Manuel (a great Francisco Rabal) knows that Juan is up to no good, and he refuses to lend Juan or his mother Luisa
(Alida Valli) a single penny. Manuel is also a womanizer and a machismo asshole though.

Deranged pervert Juan (Hemmings) is suffering from flashbacks from when he was a kid and watched his father die. He's interested in
the big boobed daughter of the foreman at the works, Lola/Dolores (Andrea Rau) and he wants her as his maid. Luisa knows that her son
is mentally ill and a sexually pervert failed man, but she lets him have his way as she's evil too (and from the degenerated upper class) and
she shows that evil grin that she used as Ms. Tanner in Suspiria.
Juan immediately starts to harass the girl sexually and to play his psycho-sexual games, and he finally beeaks down her resistance (he
thinks) by prisoning her in a stable and by starving and raping her.

David Hemmings is brilliant in the role as the sexually possessed and cruel mentally ill man-child and the cinematography is lush from
Alejandro Ulloa, and Francisco Rabal and Alida Valli is also great, as always.
The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with spanish or english audio DTS-HD 2.0 with english subtitles, region free bluray.
Extras: Audio commentary by Kat Ellinger (Kat is great), 18 minutes Video Essay by Chris O'Neill, trailers and a spanish title sequence


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