The Island (2018)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2018 DVD edition

Shu Qi and director/actor Huang Bo

An unusual and hard to define chinese drama-comedy of some sorts from the interesting director Huang Bo. Sometimes a bit
slow and maybe a bit too arty too, but also a quite unusual apocalyptic survival saga. About what happens to the employees
of a company on a teambuilding trip at sea when a meteorite hits earth. In the main role we see the director Huang Bo as office
worker Ma Jin, a man who dreams about winning the lottery and who's in love with his beautiful colleague Shan Shan (Shu Qi).

Time for the annual company teambuilding trip, and this time a seacruise in an amphibian bus-boat driven by their guide Dicky,
played by the great Wang Baoqiang (or annoying if you don't like his antics) an actor appearing in many a Chinese film.
Just when Ma Jin understands that he actually has won the first prize in the Lottery, 60 million yuan, and that he's a rich man
(and now has got the means to court Shanshan, probably) just then .... they are suddenly going straight into a tsunami caused
by a meteorite hitting earth. But, somehow they survive the giant wave and find themselves swept onto a mysterious island

Will they survive and who will become their leader ? Will they be resqued and will Ma Jin be able to present his ticket within 90 days
after the draw and to retrieve his money? And, how about a possible romance with Shanshan ?

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a mandarin audio DD EX or DTS-ES with english subtitles, a trailer as extra


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