Il Prefetto di Ferro (The Iron Prefect, 1977)

US Radiance Films 2023 Blu-ray edition - region A+B

Limited 2 000 copies edition - Please note small tear in sleeve

A Truly Great Crime Historic Drama from a new exciting film company - Radiance Films.

Based on the story of Italian crime fighter Cesare Mori who during the 1920's by Benito
Mussolini and the Fascist state was sent to Sicily to strike at the root of the evil, The
Sicilian Mafia, and to destroy it. Mori was assigned the task by Mussolini, not because
he was a fascist but because he was The Best. Uncorruptable as Eliot Ness in USA.

The Rotten State, The Mafia, The Church, The Corporate Big Business and Big Finance
are the entities, The Elite that rules the world and makes it a living hell for humanity.
In the 1970's Italian filmmakers dealt with this theme in a series of fine and openly
political films and often based on the writings of Leonardo Sciascia. Films as:

Damiano Damiani's 1968 "Il giorno della Civetta (The Day of the Owl" or his 1975
"Perché si uccide un Magistrato (How to Kill a Judge)" , Elio Petri's "A ciascuno il suo
(We Still Kill the Old Way)" or Fransesco Rosi's 1976 "Cadaveri eccellenti (Illustrious
Read more about these films on my Cult & Classics and Gialli & Eurocrime

The famous Prefect, the Crime fighter Cesare Mori (Giuliano Gemma) and his assistant,
Mayor Spano (Stefano Satta Flores) arrives to the island and immediately get to work
investigating a massacre of a whole family, a signal from the Mafia welcoming Mori.
He deals with the gangsters in a brutal but effective way and uses the military to wipe
them out. He crushes gangster boss Albanese (Francisco Rabal) and his men and
everything seems to go well for Mori in his endeavour to defeat the Mafia. But ....

Mori succeeds only to a point, before closing in on the Top. He unravels dealings
about a Land Grab between the Mafia and the local Fascist leaders, and with one of
them, Galli (Enzo Fisichella) having close contact with The Minister of Interior in
Rome, Mori soon finds himself removed to Rome and a seat in the Senate.
And the corrupt Galli substituted him and took his place.
Claudia Cardinale plays a peasant woman. Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with english or italian audio mono with
english subtitles, region A+B. Extras:
Archival interview with director Pasquale Squitiero and actor Giuliano Gemma
discussing the making of the film (35 minutes, shot in 2009), Interview with the
Paquale Squitiero Biographer Domenico Monetti (40 minutes, 2022), Alex Cox on
Giuliano Gemma (11 minutes, 2023), Trailer and a Limited 2000 copies edition Booklet

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