Impact (1949)


The Middle-aged and rich businessman and engineer Walter Williams (Brian Donlevy) is about to go on a business-trip by car
from San Fransisco to Denver. His much younger wife Irene (Helen Walker) talks him into taking her supposedly "Cousin" Jim
(Tony Barrett) along with him on the long drive. The scheme is that Jim, the lover of Helen, shall murder poor Walter during the
car drive. But, luckily enough Walter survives the murder assault and with Jim the one dying instead.

The Gas Station Manager from Heaven

The investigating police however believes that Walter has been murdered.
The depressed Walter roams around before finally ending up in small village in Idaho where he gets a job as a grease monkey
(garage mechanic) at the Gas Station owned by Marsha Peters. Played by the lovely Ella Raines, one of the iconic actresses of
the Film Noir genre aven though she only made a few films. Who can forget her from the genre classic 1944 Phantom Lady ?

Aaaah, the Lovely Ella Raines. The Secretary from Heaven in Phantom Lady and The Gas Station Manager from Heaven in Impact

A Murder trial is a coming and there will be a twist, and the question is: Could Ella Rains re-make her performance from Phantom Lady
and save the day? Silent filmstar Anna May Wong plays the housemaid Su Lin and she gets a "Key" part in the movie


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