I Am Not Madame Bovary (2016)

Hong Kong Edko Films 2017 DVD edition

Based on the novel "I did not kill my husband" by Liu Zhen Yun this film is a drama and political satire daring to make
a little fun of China's political system, of the Party and anxious corrupt officials. China has a problem with hordes of
desperate people trying to seek justice in their cases, people that has lost everything in their meetings with corrupt
or negligent officials within the system. "Rättshaverister" in swedish and i don't know the english word for it, maybe
"querulant" or people obsessed with getting judicial justice or something like that.

This film is the tale of Li Xuelian (Fan Bingbing) a woman that wants her divorce declared null and void, not guilty.
Why? She and her husband "faked" a divorce to get hold of an apartment reserved for single people and should then
re-marry. But, instead her husband married another woman. Angry Li starts a lawsuit to nullify the divorce as it was
"faked" but she loses as the divorce was made in the right way.
But, Li won't give up that easy and takes her case to all levels of courts and to all levels of officials, and even to the
Peoples Party's congress far away in Beijing.

She continues her hopeless quest for justice for years and years and becomes a legend among the officials, a horror
who even complains in Beijing and any time some high rank within the party could take on her case and decide to
punish the local judge, mayor or some other official for mishandling the case. How can she be stopped?

The film has artmovie style with a round picture frame and a narrator telling us the story of Pan Jinlian at the beginning
of the movie. Her name became the synonym for an indecent woman. Li's husband tells people that she wasn't a virgin
on their wedding night and she's scandalized. Awful but probably they're backwards regarding such things out in the
countryside. The title of the film is never mentioned in the movie but may mean that Li isn't indecent, not a courtesan

This DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a 5.1 mandarin audio and with english subtitles
Extras a theatrical trailer and a photo gallery

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