Il Consigliore (Councelor at Crime, 1973)

German Film Art - Studio Canal Blu-ray edition - region B reversible sleeve without FSK sticker


Eurocrime mobster war action shot on location in San Francisco. Tomas Accardo (Tomas Milian) is getting
out of jail after a two year long stint, and he works as a lawyer for the mobster boss Don Antonio (Martin
Balsam) and he wants out. He has a nice girlfriend, Laura (red-head Dagmar Lassander) and he don't want to
continue with crime. Tomas father was a mobster too and Don Antonio is Tomas godfather and Don Antonio
wants Tomas to be his successor, as nobody walks away. Why ? Family members know to much.

Tomas wants a vacation before giving Don Antonio an answer, but Garofalo (Francisco Rabal, the spanish
Buñuel actor) don't want to be side-stepped by Tomas in the organisation. He senses a weakness in Don A
and he starts a violent mob war, with the help of the Spezzano family, to be No. 1 in San Francisco.
There are hilly car-chases (as the location in SF craves) and shootouts, and Tomas fights on Don A's side.

The blu-ray presents the film in 2.35:1 widescreen and with english audio DTS-HD MA 1.0 (or in italian audio
with only german subtitles) Region B. Trailer and a slideshow


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