Hunting Ground (Coto de Caza / Code of Hunting, 1983)


Text below written 2019-05-19

Well made and acted but obscure 1983 Spanish crime-thriller-drama with an explosive and nasty ending, and directed by Spanish genre favourite
Jorge Grau. The man behind the classic "The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue" and other genre gems. A very hard to find film that seems
to exist only as an old Spanish and Greek VHS, not sure though? This DVD is an "Alternative market" release and the quality is perfectly OK for
being a probable VHS transfer, maybe a little dark sometimes. This great film has it's good points, as:

The fine Assumpta Serna in the main role as a female defence lawyer and family woman, the delightfully nasty Luis Hostalet as the bad guy, some
good drama and thriller, and finally the intense and surprisingly sleazy ending. Almost as if Grau was striving for having a scene in the non-existant
Cinema Hall of Shame, along with e.g. Mariangela Giordano's scenes in Burial Ground and Patrick is still Alive. OK, maybe not as infamous as the
beloved Mariangela's, God Bless her, but a nice try.

Assumpta Serna

Adela (Serna) is a Madrid defence lawyer. She's very liberal and blames society for poor people turning into criminals. After defending some
of the unfortunate, a couple of nasty punks, they show her their gratitude by stealing her car. In the car, they find some personal papers of her
and notices the fact that she has got a summer villa outside of Madrid, and they decide to pay it a visit for some B&E.
Mauricio (Hostalot) the leader of a robber gang of four, also with Charlie/El Chato, Travolta and Mauris kid brother Johnny/Juanito,

Luis Hostalot

When Adela, her husband George/Jorge (Victor Valverde) and her mother (Monserrat Salvador) suddenly show up at the villa, they surprise the
robbers and it turns nasty when her husband is shot to death by Mauricio, after a struggle for the shotgun. The home invasion punks all escape
but for Johnny who is left behind and caught by the police. He's put into prison, and Mauricio promises to take revenge if something should happen
to his beloved brother. Will something happen to Johnny, and will Adela be Mauri's no. 1 target if so ?

Pretty well directed, better than i would've hoped for, and with fine performances from Serna and Hostalot. This film should have been available in a restored
DVD and Blu-ray version, but maybe there are no 35 mm film element to be found anymore, only some very rare VHS copies from Spain and Greece.
There are some vague social commentary and Death Wish-esque sentiments in this crime exploitation drama
This US alternative market DVD is presented in .... i don't know ? The sleeve says widescreen but the ratio seems to be 1.55:1 or 1.58:1 or something, not sure
and with an english audio. Jorge Grau passed away december 27th 2018


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