US Anchor Bay DVD edition

American Highschool Sex Comedies - Bring em on!

New to College the four new girls Susan Kiger, Lisa London, Pamel Jean Bryant and Kimberly Cameron won't be accepted into
the snotty society girl Sorority, and they decide to start their own Sorority instead - H.O.T.S. and with the help of a little sex
they plan to become the most popular sorority among the boys.
And, strangely enough they succeed with this plan immediately and this could have to do with the fact that the actresses
playing the girls in H.O.T.S. all are ex-Playboy models and look gorgeous.

The rivalling sororities finally decides to meet in .... an american football Strip Poker match where a touch down means taking
off clothes. As you can see, serious stuff. And then we have also the terrible young popstar Danny Bonaduce, a Bear in the
attic, a burglar dressing as a cleaning robot, a principal dropping his trousers and a nude parachute jump.

It won't get better than this, surely not .... OK, it will, but this is charming nonsense, funny and there are beautiful girls, so
yet another example of the American culture at it's best..

DVD in anamorphis widescreen 1.85:1, english audio mono, theatrical trailer